We offer various in-person workshops and coding bootcamps across Los Angeles and Orange County. Our courses are offered through a partnership with General Assembly.

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Getting Started with WordPress

Web Delopment

WordPress is the premier content management system for those seeking an easy, user-friendly way to set up and maintain a website. In this class, you’ll walk through the basics of getting your site live quickly and discover various free templates as well as premium resources that require little to no coding skills and will have your site looking polished and professional. Once your site has gone live, you’ll learn how to update and maintain it using the WordPress dashboard, as well as common problems and pitfalls to avoid. Plus you’ll find out how to customize your site to get the exact look you’re going for.

Intermediate WordPress Bootcamp

Web Development

WordPress is awesome, but often misunderstood. Is it a blogging platform? A CMS? Should you buy a custom theme or develop your own? vs.

In this course you’ll develop a custom site starting from scratch. Basically, you’ll take a static front-end HTML/CSS template and do all the necessary magic to have that site running live and dynamic using WordPress.

Afterwards, your clients will be able to edit content themselves, manage the site’s navigation, and leverage an array of existing plug-ins that will help take the site from a simple blog to a fully functional CMS. All customizable; all on WordPress.

Build a Website with WordPress: 2-Day Bootcamp

Web Development

WordPress is awesome, but often misunderstood. What is it? How can it be used for website development? What are plugins, themes and widgets? What do we look for when choosing a template? What is vs.

In this course we will develop a custom WordPress website in class, from scratch. We will take an empty domain, install WordPress through a server, and go through all of the necessary magic to have the site running live and dynamic using WordPress — complete with a blog and content!

Topics we’ll cover are: requirements for a WordPress installation; recommended best practices and settings; how to publish, organize and leverage WordPress’s content capabilities; recommended plugins; and how to research, install and customize WordPress themes.

Afterwards, you will be able to edit content on a WordPress website, manage a site’s backend admin navigation, and leverage an array of existing plugins and themes that will help take a site from a simple blog to a fully functional content management system (CMS). All customizable; all on WordPress.

An Introduction to PHP

Computer Programming / Programming for the Web

If you’re looking to learn some PHP basics in a non-threatening environment, this class is for you! PHP is the language that Facebook is written in and it may be your gateway to writing your very first web application. In simple to follow examples, you’ll be taught basic programming tools that can be applied to any language, and some standards for the PHP language. This class is designed for beginner programmers, including those with no logic programming (PHP, Ruby, Python, etc.) experience.

Go Live: How to Setup Domain + Web Hosting

Infrastructure / Operations

No matter what kind of website you’re building, the first two steps will always be the same: registering a domain, and finding a host for your site. But with all of the various options available, knowing which tools, services, and techniques are right for creating your site can become a struggle in itself.

In this workshop, you’ll get an overview of best practices for choosing the domain and web hosting services that are right for your site. From purchasing a domain to hosting and accessing your files, you’ll learn everything you need to know to get your next site up and running.

Front-end Web Development: Let’s Break it Down!

Web Development

Thinking of learning to code, but getting lost in the tech jargon? Whether you’re interested in building your own web sites, or looking to change careers, this class will introduce you to the world of front-end web development (and programming in general).

We’ll provide an overview of front-end programming languages, tools and real life examples. We’ll talk about how front-end web development fits into the larger context of coding and design. We’ll also discuss what you need to get started as a web developer, as well as how you can learn front-end web development skills.

Find Your Style: Getting Started with CSS

Web Development

Whether you work in teams with developers and want to speak their language or are looking to learn how to design websites for yourself, learning CSS basics is great way to start. Though it takes hours of practice to become proficient, this is a chance to take a quick dive into the world of CSS. The class is designed to give students enough information about layouts, fonts, colors and backgrounds to get started laying out basic web pages.

Digital Marketing Bootcamp

Digital Marketing

The digital landscape is moving at lightning speed. Every industry has been affected by the advances in digital—from retail to brands and agencies. Has your manager recently assigned a digital marketing role to you? Are you a project or account manager at a creative agency? Do you work for a small company or a start-up, and handle all things digital on your own? Then this bootcamp may be just what you need! Specifically created for students and professionals interested in gaining a deeper understanding of everything digital marketing can encompass.

This activity-driven class will equip you with tips and strategies on how to devise your brand and marketing strategy, what digital channels are available to you and how to use them, and how to track and analyze all of your marketing efforts with data-driven decisions.


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View the most upcoming and scheduled courses here!