Need help starting or finishing an internet/web project and want to learn from an experienced professional? Or are you in the middle of a project and need guidance and advice?

We provide coaching services for various needs. You learn, and we get the job done together.

How does it work?

Individual or group sessions are offered locally in Los Angeles, CA or online via conferencing. For individuals in Los Angeles, we are able to meet in LA County and surrounding areas.

Coaching Areas and Topics

Getting Online

Do you need help with the fundamentals? We’re true believers that things don’t just appear, such as a WordPress website ready to be developed!

You’ll first need a domain and a web hosting environment, and how to manage them. You’ll be surprised how important these fundamentals are! In the long-run, knowing how to manage your server and take advantage of things that it offers you will allow you to be a better web developer and digital marketer. Your website and project or business will thank you for it!

And, needless to say, knowing these things are required and necessary, especially if you don’t want to depend on others!

Installing Software, like WordPress

Ok, so you’ve got the fundamentals down and are ready to go, but you need help installing a CMS like WordPress on your account.

The truth is, like we tell our students, once you understand what a web host company can offer you, you can just call them to help you install something like WordPress on your account! You can even Google it!

But if you’d like to walk through the best practices for installing the software right, an individual or group session might be right for you. When learning from an experienced professional, you’ll learn how to install software via automated scripts, but also manually. You’ll use your knowledge about your web host environment and learn how to work with files, directories and databases.

Things like ‘FTP’ will become familiar to you, and you’ll be ready for the next step — developing your website!

Getting Started

Once you have software installed, you have to get started, but again — it’s useful to know some best practices. What settings should you configure in the CMS?

What are some tips and secrets that you can benefit from? What are the resources that you can explore? This is when you start learning about the CMS itself:

How do I navigate the backend?

How do I publish content?

What are these or those settings for?

Getting started with administering your website is the first true step in the web development process. Before you even create content, have a flashy template up for all to visit, you’ll need to understand the inner-workings of the software and what it can do for you.

Other areas:

  • WordPress plugins and themes (Which to install? How many? How do I configure them?)
  • WordPress theme customization (Website appearance and customization)
  • Website maintenance and security (Best practices and settings)
  • Content marketing (Style and strategy)
  • Digital analytics (How do I get started? What do I look for? How do I get reports?)
  • Email marketing (What email service provider should I use? How do I create emails?)
  • Getting started with podcasting (What equipment do I need? How do I host it? How do I publish it? How do I track listener analytics?)
  • Social media strategy (Channels, content and strategy)
  • SEO (Fundamentals and strategy)