Advanced WordPress Workshop

Advanced WordPress Workshop

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About This Class

WordPress powers one-third of the world’s websites, and it’s no surprise — it’s user-friendly and in active development, which means it’s always improving. Its users benefit from thousands of themes and plugins, and WordPress serves the needs of individuals, non-profits, businesses and governments world-wide.

However, while WordPress makes it easy to get started, publish content, install a template and use plugins, it doesn’t mean its limits are reached. Once a user feels comfortable with the basics of WordPress, a user will realize that WordPress’ potential is greater.

In this course, we will learn advanced WordPress installation techniques, focus on advanced security measures, and learn how to customize a WordPress website so that it meets advanced needs, beyond the basic template customization.

Topics we’ll cover are: best practices for WordPress installations; recommendations for WordPress configuration, security and analytics; and how to best customize templates via child themes, HTML, CSS and template modifications.

Once you complete this course, you’ll understand WordPress beyond its simple user admin interface. This course explains common WordPress files, the WordPress relationship with host server, FTP, WordPress file structure, child themes, HTML/CSS customizations and PHP/template customizations. Before this course you might feel comfortable with the WordPress back-end admin, but after this course, you will become familiarized with the WordPress server files, WordPress database structure, and how you can use this knowledge to take your website to the next level of customization.


  • Learn best practices for WordPress installations (install on its own directory)
  • Become familiar with WordPress backend files such as wpconfig, wp-content folder, .htaccess and more
  • Learn WordPress best practices for security and analytics
  • Learn about WordPress child themes
  • How to use HTML/CSS to make advanced WordPress theme customizations via child themes and WordPress customizer
  • Learn about which applications to use for advanced WordPress customizations via FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

Prereqs & Preparation

Students must bring a laptop to class. A general understanding of WordPress is required (WordPress Fundamentals or Getting Started With WordPress or the equivalent are required). Experience with WordPress is preferred (experience installing WordPress, plugins and themes). Having a domain and web host is not necessary. Students will learn how to take advantage of the takeaways via a class-provided website. If students have a WordPress website and hosting provider, they are better able to take advantage of the takeaways due to familiarity to concepts. Students should have a good understanding of web hosting and domains. Students should have a proper note-taking system for subjects covered in class, and come with questions, as the workshop is a collaborative experience.

About the Instructor

Jose Cervantes
Jose Cervantes, Web Developer & Marketer

Jose Cervantes is a digital marketing and web development professional with a decade of experience helping corporations, small businesses and individuals operate and succeed in online business. Jose has worked for corporations such as Herbalife Nutrition and FOX Networks Group, and is currently employed by OceanX.

Jose has been teaching since 2015 in the areas of digital marketing, coding and web development. In his spare time, he also enjoys helping businesses and individuals create and market their online business through his consulting business.

Jose loves writing, learning, sports, and exploring the outdoors whenever possible.

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